Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Colgate & The Nature Conservancy: Saving Water

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Every time you let the tap run while you brush your teeth, you waste approximately four gallons of water. As one of the leading toothbrush and toothpaste brands in the United States, Colgate is in a unique position to address this issue. Earlier this year, the brand partnered with The Nature Conservancy to shed light on the importance of turning off the faucet.

Together, they launched the Every Drop Counts campaign, which utilized an eponymous hashtag and a Super Bowl commercial to spread the word and encourage consumers to use water responsibly. The ad, which contains no branded products, illustrates the jarring contrast between those who choose to waste water and those who need it most.

The cause-based commercial was Colgate's first foray into the world of Super Bowl advertising, and it was for the betterment of the planet rather than their company. The power and simplicity of the message, especially coming from a trustworthy and well-known source, stuck with viewers. This helped to kickstart the conservation campaign; tens of thousands have pledged to turn the water off when brushing their teeth, meaning that, potentially, thousands of gallons of water could be saved. In hopes of raising further awareness about water issues in the United States, Colgate and the Nature Conservancy are continuing to collaborate on this initiative  in the meantime, pledge to conserve water here.

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