Saturday, September 30, 2017

Disney & Teaching Kids to Code

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Since 2014, Disney has worked alongside to expand access to computer science education, particularly among populations that are underrepresented in STEM like female students and students of color.

Most recently, the company collaborated with the nonprofit to produce a free online tutorial called Moana: Wayfinding with Code that serves to introduce computer science to kids of all ages. With familiar characters and a captivating storyline, the tutorial demystifies coding by transforming it from a daunting challenge to a fun game - especially for Moana fans. Its visual programming language and drag-and-drop interface make it intuitive and easy to use, so learning about concepts like loops, conditionals, and sequences is a piece of cake. There are even videos at the beginning of each level to engage users with the story and help them connect the dots between the characters and the code. 

Through its cause-based partnership with, Disney is using its massive platform to give millions of children all over the world the opportunity to learn an increasingly important skill - and have fun while they're at it. As Disney employee Jimmy Pitaro said, "Today’s students are tomorrow’s storytellers, and we’re introducing them to the technological skills they will need to bring the stories to life."

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