Sunday, March 6, 2016

Uber & No Kid Hungry: "Driving" Out Child Hunger

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Uber, the world's most popular ride-sharing service, tapped into its network of thousands of riders to help feed starving children across the country during the 2014 holiday season. Through a partnership with No Kid Hungry, the company aimed to raise enough money to fund three million meals - and ended up raising enough to fund five million. The success of this campaign is due to the strategic multifaceted approach that Uber took to ensure that it reached its goal as well as the work done by No Kid Hungry itself.

As No Kid Hungry shares in its mission statement, one in five American children deals with hunger, and their families are in need of resources ranging from food itself to education about nutrition and cooking healthy meals. No Kid Hungry helps by connecting children to various nutrition programs, including its own Cooking Matters program that teaches participants to shop strategically and responsibly, utilize nutrition information to choose the healthiest option, and cook meals with ingredients that are both accessible and wholesome.

Uber, the world's most popular ride-sharing service, made it easy for its customers to donate to this cause by adding a button to its app that easily and simultaneously processed a $5 donation and a ride request. This strategy made it impossible for Uber users to miss the button, as the app itself is required to request a ride. While this donate button was highly successful on its own, Uber took the campaign a step further by hosting UberLUNCH in ten different cities throughout the United States in order to raise additional funds. UberLUNCH took on the form of a pop-up event, allowing customers to place lunch orders from participating chefs and restaurants and have it delivered straight to them via Uber. Of course, 100% of the money spent went directly to No Kid Hungry.

By thinking outside the box to integrate its service with the relevant issue of food and playing on the success of its app by allowing people to donate while they requested a ride, Uber helped to change the lives of five million hungry children. Uber's strategic campaign with No Kid Hungry combined elements of the company's strengths and the charity's goal, leading to success in terms of both awareness and fundraising.

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